Making the Pastiche Chalkboard

Lily Whelan is just one of Pastiche Fine Desserts’ many resident artists, having dabbled in quilting, textile design and screen printing, as well as scientific illustration and is currently finishing her painting degree at Rhode Island College. For the last four years she has been brightening the cafe with her vibrant menu illustrations. Several times a year, Lily frames our drink menu with dazzling images rendered skillfully in soft pastels and chalk.

“Most often the board follows the feeling of the season,” she explains, pointing out that this spring’s new board features a nest with freshly laid eggs, a symbol of new life and growth, and a sign that a long winter is over at last. “I try to bring the merriment of the season while keeping it within the parameters of the shop’s aesthetic.”

Like all of you, we’re always impressed with Lily’s work and thought it was about time we showed you how she brings our menu to life. Enjoy!

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